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Tawny Owl Donation

Tawny Owls awaiting Skyhooks


Only £1 per pair

[Supplied in matched pairs only]

Used by Tawny Owls to hang silently above your head at night.

An attachment for hanging Wizards Cloaks from clouds.

A device to help all birds of prey to hover for long periods without undue effort.

But seriously, its a way for you to donate to the upkeep of the rescued Tawny Owls at Wizards End.

We have looked after rescued Tawny Owls since 1994.

They have to be fed and clothed... well fed anyway, looked after, aviary maintained etc.

If you would like to help by a donation, please buy a pair of Skyhooks.

ALL of the donations given are used towards the owls upkeep.

Learn more about the Tawny Owls here

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