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Philias Pirate shirt black

RRP.   £39.99

                          OUR PRICE   £29.99


 This medium weight, cotton pirate shirt is generously cut and very comfortable to wear. This black pirate shirt features a button collar. Suitable for many occasions, it would make an excellent choice to wear with one of our wiccan cloaks.

James PHILIAS    1620 - 1673

PHILIAS, born in Cornwall was another case of privateer turned pirate. He was employed orginally to 'retrieve' goods from French ships, but soon saw the advantages of the life of a pirate.
His haul of spices, silks and jewels was reported to be one of the most successful as he managed to escape capture.
pirate / renaissance / medieval shirt offer you the chance to experience comfort, and have your own style.

SIZING (Traditionally worn loose)


XXLarge....54" - 56"

Philias Pirate shirt white

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